What You Need To Know About Penis Enlargement

Most and various are the ways of increasing the penis. On the internet, you will find so many products and equipment that will really make you wonder what to use. I will show you both good and bad things about all of them. However, always keep in mind, before starting any enlargement process to read some information.

Each method has both good and bad sides. And of course it is good to know the bad ones - everyone can talk about the best, but in any event it is good to say what can happen if something goes wrong.

In surgery, to increase your penis size they suck fats from your bottom and insert them into your penis. If the dose of fat and injection are not successful, the results will not be successful and you will not like it. Moreover, for such an operation you will have to pay somewhere about 3000-5000 dollars, and sometimes more. The operation is painful and after it you will need a recovery period.

Vacuum pump - it can increase your penis with 1,25 to 2 cm in length, but after you finish the course with a vacuum pump, your penis will become more relaxed and more subtle. It is possible to scoop blood vessels, which will lead to a bigger problem. The increase of your penis will be very small and will require much work.

Pills for penis enlargement are very different, but bear a very high probability only to give money and not get any results. Very often they make promises that only a tablet a day will achieve truly amazing results. Many experts are against the pills because they know that they cannot achieve results. Tablets not only fail to act, but also some men who have used such pills, say that they have received various complications from them. So be very careful what you are buying and what you are using.

The oldest method for increasing the penis is with weights - but this is a useless method that you should not apply. The penis is a stressful burden, adding to its length about 2.5 cm in 3 years, but this time the only thing to remember is the pain and possible problems that can occur, one of which is to make your penis powerless, thin, wrinkled and unnatural.

Another method is with the help of extenders. They operate on the principle of traction, so it is very important to know what extender to buy - with most people the traction is not correct - or is too strong, leading to complications or is too weak and thus the use of extender becomes meaningless.

There are special exercises for penis enlargement, but it is good to know, which exercise program you can use, which is created and developed by professionals.

The conclusion is that whatever you choose you must be well informed about the various methods for various products and devices - whether they are clinically tested, to consult with men who have already tried the method or product - so you to know if it is worth it.